Case Packer Side Loading


  • Suitable for mid‐speed pack over‐wrappers (GD/FOCKE)
  • To be adjusted for different case dimensions
  • 25/30 cartons to be inserted with one push
  • 50 cartons with two pushes
  • Case to be closed with hot‐melt & sealed with case tape,
  • Cycle time to be 1,2 min. per shipping case,
  • Machine to be controlled by PLC system,
Options to be applied & adapted:
  1. Track and trace system
  2. Missing product identification system
  3. Case labelling to two sides of case
  • Parameter


  • Operating Voltage

    400V ‐10A (max) 

  • Power


  • Pressurized Air

    6 bar (max) 

  • Cycle Time

    70 sec.

  • Dimension (mm)

    5,180 x 2,990 x 2,095 

  • Weight


Machine Design


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